How Companies Can Prevent Employees From Leaving

fdg3From the beginning of this year until now, I’ve seen the conversation in HR circles shift from workforce planning to retention. Retention is HR’s top priority because more employees are changing jobs and it’s costing companies a fortune. In a new study by my company and Saba, we found that one third of American workers want to change jobs within the next six months. When an employee starts working at a company, they are already looking for their next job. I call this the “continuous job search” and it’s how professionals operate in our new economy, where talent is easily accessible through technology and people have more options than ever before.

Companies are now competing with employees who may decide to become freelancers or entrepreneurs. The most talent employees are receiving a dozen inquiring from recruiters on a daily basis. This isn’t your parents job search and it’s only going to pose new threats and opportunities for companies looking to retain their talent. Companies need to understand their individual employee needs if they want to retain them, knowing that very few employees (if any) will stay for a

A Fresh Start for Your Career

fdwWhat do you need to do to find the kind of enjoyment or progress you want in your career? Joel Garfinkle, founder of Dream Job Coaching, a consulting firm specializing in personal fulfillment and professional transformation based in Oakland, California, offers these suggestions.

Determine Which Aspects of Your Job You Like

Then find a way to do more of whatever that is. When you are engrossed in a project you like, your workday will be energizing rather than draining. You may also find that the tasks you enjoy are the same ones a coworker or boss dislikes. Find out if you can work out a win-win situation.

Learn from the Best Around You

Who in your office seems to really enjoy — and excel — at their work? What can you learn from them? People who like coming to work radiate positive energy, and their spirit can be infectious. Let the energy rub off on you.

Determine Your Career Signature

If you had to write down one statement that would encompass who you are (or want to be) professionally and personally, what would it say? Take some time to clarify your unique signature, and use

Common Resume Blunders

s5Make sure your resume is in top-notch shape by avoiding the top 10 resume blunders:

1. Being Too Focused on Job Duties

Your resume should not be a boring list of job duties and responsibilities. One of the most basic resume tips is to go beyond showing what was required and demonstrate how you made a difference at each company, providing specific examples. When developing your achievements, ask yourself:

  • How did you perform the job better than others?
  • What were the problems or challenges faced? How did you overcome them? What were the results? How did the company benefit from your performance?
  • Did you receive any awards, special recognitions or promotions as a result?

2. Using a Flowery or General Objective Statement

Many candidates lose their readers in the beginning. Statements such as “a challenging position enabling me to contribute to organizational goals while offering an opportunity for growth and advancement” are overused, too general and waste valuable space. If you’re on a career track, replace the resume objective with a tagline stating what you do or your expertise.

3. Making Your Resume Too Short

The Beginners Guide To Jobs (Chapter 1)

Finding the Best Indian Government Jobs After a person has gone through the education system all the way to the end, it is their desire to get a great job that will reward all the efforts that they put in school, whereas this is also a great opportunity for a person to earn some income and be able to support their parents as well as other guardians who put their best foot forward in ensuring that they attain the best quality education. It is quite agreeable that the process of finding a great job can be frustrating for many people, simply because they may not get their dream job in a timely manner, generating a lot of frustration to a once ambitious person, in addition to which a person may be getting the jobs that do not make them happy. It is quite encouraging and fortunate for the great people of India, because their government is one of the best employers with numerous jobs being posted online for qualified people to apply, whereas any person who is educated sufficiently to qualify for the jobs advertised for will be guaranteed of having an amazing job experience

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Truck Driving Schools for a Better Career Opportunity

This is one of the most demanding jobs in the world and there are more and more young drivers interested in it and the truck driving schools are coping with this number. The moment that you have been able to decide that you want to enroll in a truck driving school this would instantly mean that you have decided as well that this is the perfect career for you. You are for sure confused with the number of truck driving schools that you can choose from and furthermore, they offer various prices and programs that makes it all the more confusing. The truck driving schools are quite expensive which means that if you are not employed then paying your tuition might be difficult.

A truck driving school that is near where you are should be the first thing that you will look for. The options that they have, their courses and how accredited they are only some of the things that you need to be able to check next. It is also highly recommended that you will check out the truck driving schools that are being run by the local

A Quick History of Tests

Taking a Deeper Understanding on the Various Types of Drug Testing Should you own a company or in case you are to apply for a work in a well-established company, the need to secure or undergo drug testing will definitely be needed due to a number of reasons, which should concern the safety of employees and reduce the drug abuse incidents among employees. There really is a number of benefits that an individual will get from a company that is strict in complying drug testing and some of which include promoting discipline, positive attitudes, professionalism, employee productivity, satisfaction and even improve the work culture. In order for us to help you out, we will be talking about the things that you should know about the types of drug testing so you will be able to take note of these things and be guided. Right off the bat, there will be a number of these drug testing that you can find and hear of but technically speaking, we will only be discussing the common ones, one of which is pre-employment drug testing, and this is to secure that the profitability and growth of the organization is sustained. So

On Opportunities: My Rationale Explained

How to Nail that Job in Kenya It’s common knowledge that Kenyan job-hunting isn’t easy. But then again, what is? Everywhere in the world, there is greater competition for everything, and Kenyan jobs aren’t an exception. However, if you keep a few useful tips in mind, establishing a career in this South African gem is always possible. 1. Keep your mind open. As any other job market everywhere, Kenya’s is very dynamic. Developments in technology and market needs have spawned different requirements. If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, you should embrace this fact instead of keeping to traditional job-seeking methods. Back then, you only had to send a simple resume and pass an interview or two. Nowadays, employers tend to look for more impressive CV’s and cover letters, along with more qualifications. Moreover, applicants may have to attend more than two interviews for a single job.
The Essential Laws of Websites Explained
2. Search everywhere.
The Essential Laws of Websites Explained
To obtain an edge over competitors, look in different places. For instance, don’t be happy with personal job referrals or job ads in newspapers. Go online.

5 Uses For Services

Getting the Best Pilot Job Out There There is a wide variety of distinguished pilot job that is out there today. For airplane pilot you can choose between pilot one or pilot two and for helicopter pilot you can choose among forest firefighting, search and rescue, bush pilot operation, and aerial surveys pilot. Fortunately, the demand for the helicopter pilots is on rise and due to its expanding industry there are many who enroll to study aeronautics. In this article you will find few tips that will aid you end up to the best pilot job sooner or later in your career. One suggestion is to be the best especially on the job you choose. If you wanted to become a good pilot among the rest then you need to begin with training. Training is the golden opportunity to be the top among others. You need to aim for the best in your class group in order to have a great chance at landing on the best pilot jobs out there. More doors will open if you are bale to graduate as the top of the class. Studying hard in this time is very crucial so you

3 Colleges Tips from Someone With Experience

Cosmetology Barbering Schools: Top Tips In Finding The Best One Before you start putting up a barbering business or working for any barbershop, you must first think about getting a certification on barbering by having yourself enrolled in a barbering school since they will properly train you in order for you to acquire as much knowledge and skills you needed before you start making the next big step for this particular endeavor. When talking about barbers, the things that will come to our mind are cutting hair, shaving and trimming beards but, in this modern day, barbers are know skillful enough to do more that what they are known to do for. Today, barbers acquire skills that goes beyond what they are known to do such as providing advices to individuals about the type of cut and the color that would match them perfectly, creates wigs and toupes for some of their clients, and even helping men and women on how should they take good care of their hair and scalps. Because of this, can now do what they can not do before which only proves that their skills can be rivaled to that of a woman

The Essential Laws of Jobs Explained

The Benefits of Public Safety Careers

People who save lives are truly admirable human beings and if you think it is your calling to do so then do no hesitate to pursue such a career. There are times when bad things happen in society and there needs to be professionals around to handle these situations. These professionals are alert and they respond to the calls they get regarding a situation in the best possible way. You actually become like these people by just pursuing a degree which will help you get their job. You will surely have an amazing career to come when you pursue this degree.

There are professionals who can do the job of protecting the people around whenever there bad things such as terrorism that happen. Regardless whether its natural disasters or national issues, these professionals will handle them in the best possible way. There are many ways in which you can study to become one of these guys in the future so don’t hesitate to do so. You will definitely get the best kind of pay with this job because they are very much in demand in all the ways that matter. When it comes to

Learning The Secrets About Connections

Career Development Should Go With Personal Development Great career ambitions are really important. The issue is if the ambitions are isolated and if they actually lack the plan on how to achieve them aside from their hard work. Most schools are not offering career development strategies and tips in their courses or as part of the academic program. Persons are encouraged and taught on how to become great bosses, workers or leaders. Career strategy is any experience, activity or behavior made to help the person achieve the goals. The career strategy may represent the conscious choice by the individual to the type of investment that one would like to make in order to reach the career objectives. It is ideal that people pursue a certain career strategy according to the expectation that it will result in the best chances of achieving personal as well as professional success. A research on how effective the career strategies are suggests that improving different skills and also obtaining several work experiences can improve the person’s chances of obtaining success in one’s career. Moreover, there is a research which has discovered that the use of the strategies like networking and self-nomination can

Jobs – My Most Valuable Tips

Online Job Sites And Their Advantages

People who are looking for employment opportunities no longer have to spend much time with newspapers or going from different companies only to find a job. Using the web in job market has changed the way people are searching for jobs.

There are lots of online job search sites that are available today, making it easy both for recruiters and candidates as well to find what they’re searching for. These types of pages revolutionized the way job market is functioning. The best thing about these job search sites online is that, they are made to ensure that any firm that likes to hire someone for a certain post would find the right candidate.

Some of the known job search sites can provide you the widest coverage of job postings so if you are seeking for a job opportunity for a specific field, all you need to do is to sign up at their site. These said pages provide resources and systems that could help you in matching with the type of job that you look for and in to the industry that you want to work for as soon as possible. In general, you

Getting To The Point – Jobs

Secrets to Finding an Effective and Secure Online Job Portal The secret when it comes to finding the right and best online job website would be in deciding first to compare your various options available to the best one there is. Our online world today in fact now is constantly expanding and that this produced already tons of possibilities, great opportunities and even produced changes for all people. The result with it has been a big impact and that it also had given tons of benefits. One of its benefits is to where you actually don’t need to go to an office just for you to earn money. Today, you can in fact find so many types of jobs that you could choose and still stay at the comfort of your home. The things that you only need in the process would be a computer and also a reliable internet connection. It is essential however that you come with the knowledge that’s necessary in finding a website which is abel to offer you with legal online jobs. You could in fact find the best online jobs if you do research effectively. You can in fact find a

The Key Elements of Great Markets

The Complex Model of the American Job Market That Should be Understood by Everyone One of the common misconception of people nowadays, thanks to the claims in many articles that you need to be in possession of the exact set of skills that employers are looking for in order for you to be able to land a job. They say that you don’t stand a chance when it comes to being hired you don’t have the skills recruiters are looking for in your resume. When it comes to finding the perfect match, they say that companies have resume scanning software that will be able to do it for them. Only those who have relevant and high experience are being scheduled for an interview. But when companies downsize their manpower, these people who possess particular skill sets are the ones being removed and we read and hear stories like these all the time. In a different perspective, you will see this as a job enlargement because the people you have left will be handling more responsibilities in addition to what they previously had. But when you also look at it from a different way, taking advantage of a

What I Can Teach You About Businesses

Webshop Employee Hiring Strategies That Will Help Your Growing Business On your own, not being able to keep up with your customers is not necessarily a bad thing. When your sales are over the ceiling, it means your business is already growing. When it comes to your webshop at this point, you will need to consider hiring employees for it. Knowing the things you to do is very important when you are hiring. When you know how to do effective webshop employee hiring, you will be able to save both time and money. If you are operating a webshop, you will find that there are many aspects in the business that need to be addressed. Some owners of webshops are well rounded and are able to take care of everything the business requires all by themselves but there are also others who cannot handle everything on their own. Among the many factors that a webshop business depends on is the size of the business. You may be able to handle the day-to-day operation of your webshop, but you should also remember that you don’t know everything. In order to help your business grow, you need to employ

6 Facts About Employees Everyone Thinks Are True

Things To Know When Hiring Webshop Employees When you are hiring for your online business, there are 2 options that you have, you may hire a full fledged employee or, you could hire an independent contractor or sometimes known as a freelancer or a consultant. The decision you are going to make will affect your legal and tax obligations as well as the way you’re running your business and the profits it make. As soon as you have decided which kind of worker suits the position you want to fill, your next course of action is to choose the right person for the job and then, deal with the tax forms as well as other paperwork and reporting requirements. Generally speaking, the IC or an independent contractor is the one who provides specialized service on per project basis for various businesses or clients. The services that the IC provides are usually certain level of experience, skill and at times, licensing like for example, attorneys and bookkeepers are known often as ICs. You could hire IC for ongoing basis like maintaining your online site or periodic basis like doing your taxes annually. ICs could also work

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Smart Ways of Hiring Online Marketing Business Staff There could be so much business orders and request from outside such the human resource in place can’t meet them all. It becomes inevitable for the firm to avoid hiring of new members of staff. The firm could be enjoying positive growth and these are good signs that it can now support new workers in the emerging sector or opportunities. The hiring process requires one to clearly understand the task ahead of the organization which should obviously align with the goals of the organization. When super arrangement of employment are done, it guarantees the firm optimum utilization of resources which it could be having at its disposal. Solid consideration are to be observed in any recruitment process. The whole recruitment process should earn a firm a significant growth mileage. Out of this diversity of the online business should well addressed from the start. The whole task may involve customer service, marketing, to even carrying out firm merchandise. How broad the business can be is another major consideration which should keenly be looked at. A single person or the business owner can do many business operations online but

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Businesses? This May Help

Maintain Credibility with Pre-Employment Drug Testing Health and well-being of an employee is an important factor in the profitability of companies. Certainly one of the major things an employer ought to be demanding each and every employee to have before being given a job and permitted to have the field work is the pre-employment drug assessment. In this manner, establishments can take care of their credibility and professionalism at the job by making sure that they have a drug free surrounding. Pre-employment drug examination became undoubtedly one of the vital techniques as this facilitates diminish the chance of dealing with staff members who abuse drugs. Any organization can significantly save costs in employee health care. Companies must make sure that their enterprise area is harmless for everybody, particularly their buyers. Different types of addiction related difficulties, accidents, traumas and crimes are basically unwanted. It must be before employment due to the fact that staff are to be screened before any specific hassle can take place. One can identify an applicant that have an addiction problem if the person does not continue in the pre-employment screening process right after drug testing though this is not always the case.

The Art of Mastering Tools

Information about ADP Paycheck Calculator and Know How to Find the Right One for Your Business or Company To have a business requires a lot of things and all of these are very important to ensure that you will become successful in the field of your choice. In most cases, business owners like you are always looking for ways to ensure that your business will rise above the others but this one thing that we will be discussing is just actually one of the many more things that holds even more importance in general. Now that we have mentioned this, it will be really important for you to always consider and check the paycheck that you will release to your employees. There will be a lot of things that you should also be concerned about when you are to make use of a paycheck calculator since there already are a number of these that you could find in the market. Along with these are the numbers of features that are included when you decide to purchase them. Generally speaking, average daily pay paycheck calculators are very important for every type of business because this holds the capability

Why Options Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Make Money Online – Easy Steps You Ought to Follow Even without long preparation, you can begin to make money online. This article is a good source of information to help know some tips on how you can generate money online. Nowadays, making money through the internet from your own home has been made easier. Without the internet, no one will sure enjoy a better life. Accompanied with great strategies and methods, there are already several people who changed their lives for the best. What is really needed here is to spend time working and which lead to a successful internet marketing. Yes, online can be a good way to earn money, however, this can only be possible with hard work and time. The first thing you should do is to find a job which is suited for your own passion and skill. You can try the field of writing, translation, graphic design, sales and marketing, product sourcing or even manufacturing. Once you already know what you want, then making money online is very close. There are sure plenty of firms which you can apply. For this reason, make sure to carefully determine what your skills are.

What Has Changed Recently With Businesses?

Self-service Portals – How They Can Help Your Business Providing a self-service portal can provide tons of benefits, not only for your customer service department but also for your overall brand image. Aside from offering a faster way of resolving issues, which in turn reduces your costs, a self-service portal also boosts your relationships with your customers and potential customers. Here are five of the most important advantages you’ll get from a self-service portal: 1. It enhances social engagement.
A Simple Plan: Companies
Most probably, you already have a dedicated social media feed for handling customer issues (if you still don’t, you should get one now). But with a reliable source of guidance, you will be more equipped to provide advice or recommendations. You can point people to the right information faster, and you can use it to determine the types of problems which require more attention.
A Simple Plan: Companies
2. It builds a community. When you introduce a Q & A section or forum in your portal, you drive many valuable voices into the front lines of your customer service division. Peer-to-peer support is a wonderful way of building trusting relationships

The Essential Laws of Resources Explained

Getting Your Degree on Your Own Terms Getting your college degree today is a wonderful thing because it allows you to show your skills to people you know and do not know, and it shows potential future employers that you mean business. Walking across a stage with your diploma in hand is something that you should long for, and you should know that it can be accomplished if you really want to work for it. Most people would prefer to have their college degree, but lack the resources that they need, like time and money, but now those two things do not have to be a deciding factor. The future has arrived, though, and you might be surprised to find out that it has brought with it online courses that allow you to get your degree on your own time, and on your own terms. Online programs are out there everywhere, and they can help you improve your knowledge and real-world experience, but you have to take the time to actually find a solid school to go to. The main thing you need to figure out when you are looking into schools is which ones are reputable,

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A Guide to Taking Online Learning Courses With the huge variety of challenges facing traditional universities like budget cuts and course shortages, lots of people are now searching for alternatives. With the internet becoming more popular, online learning is increasingly gaining more popularity. This is enough evidence that online learning have the same or even more benefits than face-to-face learning. You can enjoy wondrous benefits by taking online learning courses. Internet-based colleges provide same or more courses and programs as compared to traditional universities. No matter what you want to study be it nursing, engineering, business courses or neuroscience, you will find an online college offering your course and degree preferences. Internet learning also provides you a chance to earn every kind of academic degree and career certificate By choosing to study your preferred degree, certificate or diploma course from an internet-based college, you are sure to save money. Though the quality of tutoring offered in online colleges is equal to that offered in traditional colleges, the net tuition fee is usually lower. When in an online college, you likewise save a lot in commuting costs and purchase of course materials like exercise and textbooks